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Econ 462 - Undergraduate Economics of Human Capital

This course covers both micro and macro aspects of human capital. We will study investments by parents in the education and other human capital of their children and how it links to the intergenerational transmission of inequality. The relation between human capital, population change, and economic growth is also emphasized. The course is quantitative and students will be require to understand and apply econometric techniques. 

Pre-requisites: ECON 301, ECON 309, and MATH 101


Econ 515 - Graduate Labor Economics

In this course, we will discuss the theories and empirical methods relating to issues such as the supply and demand for labor, wage determination, wage differentials, labor market discrimination, unemployment, occupational choice and dynamics of specific labor markets. The theory and empirics of human capital accumulation, intertemporal labor supply, search, intergenerational mobility of income and wealth.

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